Specialty Chemicals

We manufacture a wide range of specialty products and additives to assist the printing process.

SC100 CREST® Anti Dry

Prevents drying of ink on rollers during press stops.

SC102 CREST® R A Silicone

Silicone based lubrication. This  product is very versatile and can be applied for many applications.

SC107 CREST® Deep Ink Cleanser

A strong cleaning solution to remove dry ink and difficult stains.

SC108 CREST® Fount Tank Cleanser

For cleaning and maintaining the fountain tank including the piping system.

SC109 CREST® Anoflex Cleanser

Wash up solution for aqueous coatings.

SC110 CREST® Copper Solution

Rejuvenating solution for copper rollers, cleans and removes oxide stains from copper rollers.

SC111 CREST® Fount Drier

Assist ink drying from the fountain tank to the dampening tray.

SC113 CREST® Suppressant Solution

This solution has multiple functions. Work well with ink duct varnishes to control the drying and work as a good cleanser.

SC117 CREST® Blanket Spot Repairer

Repair and revive the uneven blanket surface in less than a minute.

SC118 CREST® IPA Print Alcohol

High purity IPA solution for fountain mix.

SC122 CREST® PP Cleanser

A waterbased solution that is used in all plate developing machines and tanks without attacking the material of the tanks and does not leave any residue.

SC125 CREST® Rolfax Special

This product is a lithography offset printing roller paste for the cleaning and conditioning of inking rollers on printing presses.

SC139 CREST® Alu-Matt

A product formulated to remove ink, paper dust, water-based residues and salts that have accumulated on dampening pan rollers.

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