Printing Blankets

ACOMA, with 12 years in the industry, combines 75+ years of expertise. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability shines through a unique process ensuring top-notch quality and competitive costs.

ACOMA’s products are known for their unwavering consistency, providing reliability to customers. Precision grinding and surface finishing guarantee excellent printing results.

In 2014, ACOMA appointed SHADOWFAX SDN BHD as a distributor for South-East Asia to expand their environmental impact, emphasising their dedication to quality and environmental protection.


AcoUVPlus is a high-quality printing blanket, ideal for sheetfed, metal decorating, packaging, and narrow web printing that has obtained excellent printing results with UV inks.

AcoUVPlus: Your High-Quality Printing Ally!

Go-Beyond Limits: Break free with AcoUVPlus! This rubber blanket smashes through the 20,000 impressions/hour barrier, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Ghosting Be Gone: Say NO to ghosting! AcoUVPlus stands strong against the ghosting effect, delivering impeccable prints every time.

Built Tough: Crafted with precision, AcoUVPlus features a compressible layer using closed-cell technology and a carcass structure made from top-tier fabrics. This combo guarantees unbeatable dimensional stability and resistance for those oversized prints.

Bounce Back: AcoUVPlus boasts an impressive rebound, maintaining its thickness without any fuss. No need for constant re-tensioning – it’s all about efficiency.

In short, AcoUVPlus is your ultimate choice for high-quality printing using UV, H-UV, and LED-UV inks. It’s fast, ghosting-proof, tough as nails, and hassle-free.



AcoOtto has an excellent price-quality ratio.

AcoOtto: The Powerhouse for Your Printing Needs!

Dominate Industries: AcoOtto excels in commercial sheet-fed, packaging, and metal decorating sectors. It’s your go-to solution for versatility and top-notch performance.

Hybrid Heaven: Aco Otto isn’t limited by ink types. It shines with both traditional and UV inks, making it your hybrid superstar.

Rock-Solid Structure: Crafted with precision, AcoOtto features a compressible layer using closed-cell technology and a carcass structure made from top-tier fabrics, ensuring unbeatable dimensional stability.

Bounce Back Strong: AcoOtto’s incredible rebound keeps thickness intact, no re-tensioning needed. Say goodbye to downtime!

Aco Otto is your ultimate partner for commercial, packaging, and metal decorating printing. It’s the powerhouse that adapts to your needs and never lets you down.


AcoUno is a rubber blanket suitable for printing on different types of substrates and for different applications.

Meet AcoUno: Your Ticket to Exceptional Printing!

Are you ready to take your printing game to the next level? AcoUno is here to make it happen!

Super Speed: AcoUno is like the speedster of the printing world, handling a whopping 45,000 impressions per hour with regular inks. That’s seriously fast!

Quality First: Get ready for top-notch prints every time. AcoUno sets the bar high for quality, ensuring your prints look fantastic.

Built to Last: AcoUno is built tough. Its compressible layer is like a secret weapon with closed-cell technology, and the carcass structure is made from top-quality materials. What’s the result? Excellent dimensional stability and the resilience needed for those big printing jobs.

No Hassle: Worried about thickness? AcoUno’s got it covered with its incredible rebound. No need for constant adjustments – it’s hassle free printing at its best.

In short, AcoUno is your go-to partner for high-quality, lightning-fast printing. It’s reliable, it’s fast, and it’s all about making your printing life easier. Ready to revolutionise your printing experience? AcoUno is your answer.

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