Fountain Solutions

The product in this range, formulated to run at 2-3% concentration on all types of dampening systems.

Very effective protection against fungal and antimicrobial contamination.

Built in anti-corrosion protection.

Packing size available in 25kgs, 200kgs and 1000kgs.

Fountain Coldset

DP100 CREST® News S

A fountain solution that meets with quality and productivity demands. This fountain is ideal for fast web offset heatset, coldset presses, including sheetfed offset presses. Stable on all types of printing plates. Useable on all types of dampening system.

DP101 CREST® News A

A strongly buffered acidic fountain solution ideal for lithographic web offset, heatset and coldset presses. This special formulation results in stable performance with water of total hardness of 2.0 to 15.0dH. Suitable for half web applications.

DP104 CREST® Daily C

A reliable fountain solution concentrate with built-in antimicrobial for newspaper web offset presses, designed for all dampening systems and is specially formulated with corrosion protection meeting with presss manufacturers’ specifications.

DP107 CREST® Multi Fount

An economical web offset fountain.

DP108 CREST® News Fount H

A fount that is formulated to perform with water of total hardness of 15.0dH and above.

DP109 CREST® News Speed

A modern type of web offset fountain that meets the quality and productivity demands of a high speed web press.

DP110 CREST® News Mojado

A product that will provide print quality and have all the ideal requirements of a good web fountain.

Fountain Heatset

DP205 CREST® Heat S 2012

A heatset fountain, formulated to give a reliable and stable performance. Alcohol-free and suitable for high speed presses.

DP206 CREST® Heat PF

This is a phosphate free fountain solution which is suitable for the web press with a catalytic convertor (afterburner).

DP201 CREST® Heat 10

High performance heatset fountain formulated to give reliable and stable performance on a wide variety of hearset web offset presses.

Fountain Sheetfed

DP300 CREST® Fount N

An excellent fountain solution suitable for all conditions. Suitable with coated papers and boards.

DP305 CREST® Fount Econ

An economical fountain suitable for all types of dampening systems.

DP306 CREST® Fount M

Suitable when printing with metallic inks.

DP307 CREST® Fount UV

Fountain for UV printing.

DP311 CREST® Fount 800A

Fountain suitable for computer form printing. Provides optimum printing performance.

DP319 CREST® Fount N 2011

Fountain for high speed presses. Suitable to run alcohol free or reduced alcohol percentage.

DP323 CREST® Fount Zero Plus

A reliable fountain solution. Possible to run alcohol free on all types of sheetfed presses.

TP004 CREST® Fount N 2011 TW

A unique fountain solution that can be used for conventional and UV inks. Good performance on paper, board, foil and plastic sheet for the sheetfed offset presses. Provides a clear sharp print finish.

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