Aqueous Coatings

There are many types of Aqueous Coatings ranging from high gloss to matt coatings. There are also specialty coatings for water and grease resistance to mirror gloss calendering. Then there are coatings to run in-line, off-line and for flexography applications to sheetfed duct applications. Some coatings have FDA and RoHS approved certificates. Supplied viscosity range of 40-60 DIN #4 cups at 30°C. Can be used for both in-line or off-line coaters. Packing size available in 25kgs, 120kgs and 1000kgs. Packing size for Duct Emulsion in 5kgs.

AC501 CREST® Coat Matt 501

A good matt OPV.

AC503 CREST® Coat 503

A reliable OPV with standard gloss and rub.

AC511 CREST® Coat DF 511

An OPV formulated for deep freeze packaging. With antifreeze properties (down to -12°C). Acts as a good water barrier.

AC515 CREST® Coat Playing Card 515

An OPV for all types of playing cards. Static slip readings are as low as 0.15 (coefficient of friction). Can tailor-make the slip requirement.

AC527 CREST® Coat 39

This product is a high rub and high gloss OPV for packaging printers. Has all the requirements needed in coating for board or paper packaging. A super product, user friendly.

AC528 CREST® Coat 99

An all round economical OPV. Good printability and is highly transparent film and is lightfast.

AC531 CREST® Coat Calendering M

A reliable calendering OPV which provides a transparent, high gloss, mirror image finish. This product has excellent heat release properties.

AC533 CREST® Duct Aqueous HG 53

It is an ink duct varnish providing good gloss and rub resistance.

AC535 CREST® Coat Anti Mold 535

A protective coating with anti-mold properties. It is suitable for soap wrapper and carton boxes.

AC537 CREST® Coat Mid Matt

An OPV with semi-matt finishing.

AC558 CREST® Coat Matt Max

A good matt OPV and enhanced with excellent rub resistance.

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